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Graduate Coauthors Book On Leadership And Corporate Reinvention

Why do most corporate transformation strategies fail and how can companies avoid being just another heartbreaking statistic? “Weʼve found that there are two big reasons that these strategies donʼt work. The first is a lack of appreciation for the role that culture plays in creating transformation programs that stick. The second is poor leadership,” explain international leadership authority John Mattone ’78 and business expert Nick Vaidya in their new book CULTURAL TRANSFORMATIONS: Lessons of Leadership and Corporate Reinvention.

John Mattone

John Mattone

Not only do the authors show readers how to implement effective strategies by using Mattoneʼs proprietary tools, but they also interview fourteen top CEOʼs who discuss their real-life experiences building strong, vibrant companies. In CULTURAL TRANSFORMATIONS, readers meet leaders from a wide range of companies including Deloitte, Graybar, Genpact, Oman LNG, The North Face, HP Financial, Virtusa, Bigcommerce, American Marketing Association, Claro, Ovation Brands, Almansoori Specialized Engineering, CPSG Partners, and Fluid Systems. These leaders come from diverse backgrounds and their companies span a variety of industries and locations – not only in the United States, but Oman, United Arab Emirates, India, and Colombia too. But regardless of a companyʼs size, business model, or location, several key themes emerge from the interviews – and are corroborated by Mattoneʼs research – that account for the success of all the executives profiled.

The book includes a forward by President Kerry Healey.