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Babson Entrepreneurs Appointed to Boston 2024 Olympics Advisory Board

Jon Feinman M’10, Founder & Executive Director, Innercity Weightlifting (ICW); and Jason Jacobs M’05, Co-Founder & CEO, Runkeeper have been appointed to the Boston 2024 Olympics Advisory Board. As new members, they further strengthen and represent a diverse participation from a broad range of community organizations, business, education and sports.

“This opportunity of a lifetime requires the input and insights from representatives across various communities and industries,” said Carol Fulp, President and CEO, The Partnership, Inc. and Chair, Boston 2024 Nominating and Governance Committee. “We are fortunate that these impressive individuals are banding together to share their expertise as we build a bid that provides long-term benefits for our region and strong legacies for the Olympic and Paralympic movement.”

Feinman was recently featured in a BostInno video, “Innovation Games,” where he voiced his concern −“Are we really going to include everyone’s viewpoint….not just representation from certain pockets of Boston?” He told BostInno that failure is possible “if the games’ benefit doesn’t extend across all neighborhoods and segments of Boston society. Everyone is concerned about the cost and who gets stuck with cost overruns, which are historically inevitable,” said Feinman.

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