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Babson Alumnus Startup: Conducttr

Babson Undergraduate Alumnus Alexey Ossikine ’10 has co-founded a revolutionary software created to help ‘make anyone’s life an adventure’. Intrigued?

Live the Life You Always Imagined

Alexey Ossikine '10

Alexey Ossikine ’10 – a serial entrepreneur who has been building software since the age of 14, and was also named among “America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs” by Bloomberg Businessweek, has co-founded Conducttr – a unique software service that redefines entertainment by blending reality and fiction. The startup promises to transform fans’ favorite stories – from books and games, to movies, series, advertisements and documentaries – into real-life experiences.

As traditional content industries search for new business models, and brands seek new ways to reach younger consumers, Conducttr offers a solution for both – one that’ll boost audience engagement and customer retention through participatory experiences.

A few unique examples of this ‘one-and-only’ software’s endless possibilities, include:

  • Being used as a marketing tool, through which a traditional ad campaign can be transformed into an adventure that builds an authentic relationship between the consumer and the brand;
  • Through education, where participants can be challenged and evaluated in realistic simulations with dynamically-changing and personalized content within everyday social media channels, emails, and phone calls;
  • And in partnership with documentaries, series, movies and more, giving audiences a hands-on experience with the visuals at hand.

Alexey, his co-founder Robert Pratten, and their team have already achieved great success with clients such as Game of Thrones in Spain – a partnership that yielded a 42% increase in positive sentiment for the show’s broadcaster, in addition to Disney, Toyota, Endermol, Harlequin Mills & Boon, and Mexico’s National Institute of Public Health.

“The key challenge has been the need to reshape traditional industry practices and get people to think bigger – beyond the screen, beyond a single medium,” said Alexey Ossikine ’10, Co-founder and CTO, Conducttr. “We’re encouraging a new realm of thinking in which writers can create stories that immerse audiences in experiences that feel real.”

The team works closely with clients to help them enter this revolutionary world of transmedia storytelling, offering a wide array of free training material, workshops, and webinars. The software’s features run in the cloud and are accessible via an intuitive web interface, without any coding. A free, 30-day trial is also available, as well as demos and educational discounts.

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