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Babson’s CWEL And Mass Innovation Nights Feature Women Founders

Babson’s Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership is sponsoring Mass Innovation Nights #67, October 8th, 6-8:30 p.m. at Workbar, 45 Prospect Street, Cambridge. #MIN67 features 10 women-led businesses, including Babson companies:

  • Orora Global (Marissa Goldstein M’15) @OroraGlobal – We are a global social enterprise with a simple mission: to provide access to reliable renewable energy to rural & urban communities around the world.
  • Fedwell Pet Foods (Emily Lagasse M’15) @FedWellPetFoods – Fedwell was founded to bring home-cooked meals to dogs everywhere.

The featured Student Startup Spotlight companies this month are from Babson:

  • Integrated Payment Solution (Max Miller ’16, Eveline Dang ’15, and Zhan Shi ’16) @IntelligentpayIntelligent Payment Networks (IPN) offers businesses the most advanced, secure, and cost-efficient means to accept, process, and manage all of their electronic payments. Working at the forefront of technology, we prioritize streamlining business’s transaction processing by utilizing the most innovative methods in the industry. The majority of today’s businesses are unaware that they lose dollars and cents on every transaction as well as put their customers’ and their own financial data at risk because of outdated electronic payment processing systems, which are unstable and costly. At IPN, we help businesses design and implement customized, cutting-edge integrated payment solutions, raising our clients’ profits by significant margins. IPN’s integrated payment solution incorporates all components of a payment system, from payment processing, POS solutions, to incremental payment products (digital wallet acceptance, mobile marketing and website, etc.) and make sure they work together seamlessly. Such payment system is optimized and allows any business to increase operation efficiency and customer retention.
  • Meet Eugene (Brianna Stiklickas ’15) @Meet_EugeneMeet Eugene is a hedgehog food company that focuses in providing hedgehogs with top quality nutrients at an affordable price to help hedgehogs live a fuller and healthier life. Our main goal is to provide hedgehogs with a tasty food unique to it’s needs that will help in minimizing the chances of obesity, digestive issues, and Fatty Liver Disease.


The Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (CWEL) at Babson College educates, inspires, and empowers women entrepreneurial leaders to reach their full potential to create economic and social value for themselves, their organizations, and society.

About Innovation Nights

Our mission is to help local entrepreneurs get more visibility for their new products. We want to connect members of the local innovation community. Innovation Nights – Boston is the home of the original Innovation Nights events.

It all started in April 2009 as Mass Innovation Nights (MIN) with a website and a monthly event designed to help local innovators increase the buzz around new products and companies. Every month ten companies bring new products to the event and the social media community turns out to blog, tweet, post pictures and video, add product mentions to LinkedIn and Facebook statuses, and otherwise help spread the word.

In the last two years, the events have helped to: — Launch more almost 600 new products — Connect dozens of job seekers and hiring managers — Profile dozens of local experts — Launch a wave of Innovation Nights events around the world (coming soon). Held once a month (usually the second Wednesday of the month, registration and networking at 6:00 p.m., presentations start showing at 7:00 p.m., the live events allow companies to show off Massachusetts-based innovation. The Experts Corner team has one-on-one conversations with start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Innovation Nights are held on site at various venues who donate their space to further the cause of local innovation. (We’ve held events at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation, the IBM Innovation Center, the Microsoft NERD Center, the Mass Challenge incubator, the offices of Continuum and VideoLink, CCR LLP, and Clock Tower Place in Maynard, MA, the Woburn TradeCenter 128, Space with a Soul.)

We call an Innovation Nights event a “stone soup” event. Remember the folk story of Stone Soup? A stranger or small group of travelers come upon a poor village. The travelers are hungry but everyone claims to have nothing to share. So the travelers create a fire, hang a pot of water over it and place a stone inside, telling one and all that they are creating “stone soup.” Of course, it will taste better with a little something for flavoring, a carrot, a potato, maybe even a little piece of meat. Soon everyone in the village has contributed “just a little something” and everyone sits down to enjoy the wonderful feast. Innovation Nights are like stone soup. Someone has a space where we can hold an event, with tables and wireless. Other companies have new products to promote. Others are social media mavens who can create buzz. Still others donate a few hours of their time and expertise. Soon, everyone is benefiting from the wonderful event we create together.