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Featured Alumni Business: SkinYoga

SkinYoga owners

SkinYoga owners

What is your name and the name of your business?

My name is Jagriti Choudhary M’13 and my business is called SkinYoga.  @SkinYoga  Facebook  Instagram

What’s the mission or description of your business?

SkinYoga’s mission is to help people adopt a natural lifestyle. It wants people to experience and understand the power of plants especially in the beauty segment. We manufacture skincare products using all plant based and natural materials; combine them to address a need that can be met for regular use and can be substituted for the chemical based options in the market.

Where is your business located?

It’s online at

What inspired your business?

My sisters and I were raised on a 20-acre farm in India where we grew our own vegetables and milked our own cows. Later, for higher education, we moved to other countries. The transition from farm life to concrete glam life made us realize the importance of nature. Our experience has been our biggest inspiration to start SkinYoga and to share with the world how simple and effective it is to follow a natural lifestyle.

We believe that there is a dire need for businesses today to contribute to the changing mindset of people who opt for a yogic lifestyle.

How did the idea begin?

My Babson education gave me something very strong and invaluable; it completed my entrepreneurship puzzle by adding the last piece. At Babson I realized that the only way to become an entrepreneur was to START.  My sisters and I shared a common passion for nature and the complementing skill-set required for the venture. We only needed to put the idea into action.

What is your favorite thing about the business?

That we can talk about SkinYoga so passionately to anyone every single day.

And the worst/your least favorite?

The fear of not getting the numbers in the end.

What is your most recent business accomplishment?

We just added the 15th product to our range. This is an accomplishment because we never imagined having this many products in just a few months given the time that it takes to source each ingredient and launch the final product.

What’s been your biggest surprise with the business?

Getting a confirmation over time that purity can be addictive.  Ninety percent of our customers come back to us just because they sense it’s pure. I mean, they have not seen with their own eyes how it was made!  But it’s surprising how powerful human senses are!

Is this your first business?

No. Individually we tried our hands on different ventures but they failed.

Anything else to add?

The biggest strength for SkinYoga is the partnership of three sisters.  The power of family entrepreneurship.