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Featured Student Business: Meevsu

Meevsu logo

By: Jonas Matone

Name of Business:

Mission/ Description:
Do you believe if we could significantly improve individual critical thinking by having open and healthy discussions about our differences that we could change to a more knowledgeable, open, and less judgmental society? We at Meevsu are proud to provide you with an innovative online video debate platform that gives you the opportunity to express your point of view, challenge topics and individuals, and decide what makes sense.

The driving force behind Meevsu is to grow an independent and democratic community with enough power and influence to become a disruptive tool for society. With the new enhancements, our users are now able to choose the role that better fits his/her personality. If you want to have an active role, you can choose to be a debater and help clarify a topic from your own point-of-view. Additionally, you can help promote a debate and have the opportunity to learn from someone else’s perspective. You can also be part of the jury to help define the winning side. Meevsu allows everyone to have an important role and helps make change happen.

Founder Names and Contact Information:
Jonas Matone
Andre Volkmer
Eugenio Pretto

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Inspiration/ Business:
Debates happen everyday, but it is completely decentralized and without any structure. The only existing form of debate is through forums, which can be boring and slow.

How The Idea Began:

Favorite Thing About The Business:
The learning experience.

Worst Thing About The Business:
The bad is good. Frustrations make us learn faster!