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Babson Business: Ben Realty Group

Name of business: Ben Realty Group

Mission: Ben Realty Group To change the world of Real Estate, its current standards and practices.

Began: 2008

Where: 75 Arlington St., Suite 500, Boston, MA 02116

Founder: Ben Chudnovskiy;; 617.314.0629; Ugrad ’08

Employees: 7

How the Idea Began: We believe that Real Estate should be accessible and available to the average person. Brokerage and management fees should be affordable, especially, with the current economic downturn in the real estate market. We advocate for flat fees and discounted transactional brokerage rates up to 3% .

Initial Preparation to Germinate Idea: My passion and love for real estate, led me to enroll into RE classes while still a sophomore at Babson College and obtaining my RE license to be able to practice in the State of MA.

Favorite Thing about the Business: Meeting and interacting with new people. Challenge of communicating and understanding people from different backgrounds, cultures, and traditions, excites me and generates the drive to keep going.

Worst Thing about the Business: Lack of sleep during initial and start-up period of forming Ben Realty Group.

Biggest Challenge: Time. We live in a world of boundaries and time is the most limiting aspect of our existence. A 24- hour day restricts the amount of possible interactions and meetings we can accommodate and attend!

Lesson Learned: “There is no such thing as instant success. Success is not a coffee. Once achieved, it will stay with you forever.” – Ben Chudnovskiy