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Sail(Proud) Apparel to Create Limited Edition Apparel in Honor of Founder's Day 2008

Sail(Proud) Apparel, a student run sportswear company in Babson College's Undergraduate Hatchery Program has been awarded the right to create a signature line of official merchandise for this year's Founder's Day celebration. The decision comes from the Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship in recognition of the arrival of Ernesto Bertarelli, a two time America's Cup champion and one of this year's ADE inductees. The apparel includes a Babson version of one of Sail(Proud)'s most popular products, their Regatta Polo. The polo will be complete with Babson Logo embellishment, Sail(Proud) embroidery, and built-in performance features.

As part of the agreement between Sail(Proud) and the Blank Center the polos will be retailed around campus for $25, with all profits being donated back to the Undergraduate Hatchery Program to support the several entrepreneurial endeavors currently being executed there. Both the Blank Center and Sail(Proud) have agreed on a limited nature of the sales event, with only 200 polos being created–and each with a specially designed “printed” tag to remember the event and limited nature of the product. Phil Tepfer, Sail(Proud)'s CEO commented: We at SP are very happy that the Blank Center decided to partner with us on this event. This Founder's Day marks an important global turn in Babson's focus of the ADE, and with Mr. Bertarelli's visit it was only fitting that we try and help celebrate the event. Having a chance to give back to the hatchery program, which has been a crucial part of our growth over the last year and a half, is an immense opportunity to help foster entrepreneurship on campus and declare the student body's pride of Babson's entrepreneurial spirit. And yes, these polos are going to go fast.

About Sail(Proud)

Sail(Proud) Apparel is the liberating force for the millions of sailors and nautical enthusiasts around the country that longingly crave a way to keep sailing alive all the time. To do this, the company has worked to develop its own line of transitional apparel—that is, comfortable clothing designed to be worn everywhere: the boat, the boardroom, or even the bar. Gone are the days of having to change out of sweaty cotton tees, or peeling off “shrinkwrapped” performance shirts. Sail(Proud) makes clothing that fits a sailor's lifestyle, which, while constantly looking forward to time on the boat, often requires other activities and distractions. The company's core offering revolves around the idea of transitional lifestyle apparel, or clothing that feels and performs great with any kind of use. Sail(Proud)'s products are truly transitional in design, fabric choice, and manufacturing. Nearly all are designed with performance-enhancing benefits, while remaining comfortable and fashionable. The company utilizes fabrics that are lightweight and quick drying, soft and durable. The company has partnered with the Heart of Sailing Foundation, an organization that helps children with developmental disabilities learn to sail. This amazing program uses sailing as a means of education and recreational therapy. To help, Sail(Proud) has agreed to engage in profit sharing as well as logo placement on several of their most popular products.  Visit