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Babson and RISD Students Partner to Create New Product Designs

Babson College MBA students and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Industrial Design students have come up with eight new product concepts showcased today at the Prduct Design Fair at Babson College. 39 Babson MBA students and 16 RISD students in eight joint teams developed the designs during the single-semester Product Design and Development course at Babson.


The Product:  Environmental Water Bottle; inspired by natural forms made from recycled materials.  The bottle is made from safe plastics that will not leach chemicals into the water, while helping people reduce their consumption of disposable water bottles.  Project sponsored by Recycline, Inc.

The Team:  David Ambrose, Melina Martinez, Joyce Pang, Crissy Cook, Ben Pratt, Jacques Deboi, Scott Lemke.

The Product:  The Chef's Corner. For supermarkets, a modular recipe display center to service customers with all kinds of recipes for every need in a user-friendly, engaging design.

The Team:  Jennifer Bonarrigo, Nick Stavros, Andrew Cagan, Veronica Chapman, Abhismek Jain, Carmel Ilka Bijoux, Erica Kim.

The Product:  New children's furniture; functionally smart and playfully stylish.  Project sponsored by P'Kolino.

The Team:  Seth Snyder, Hoesung Pork, Cristina Belhido, Emilee Berner, Elizabeth Kneer, Charles Burckmyer, Andy Schiaretti.

The Product:  Chappy; an innovative and beautifully designed eco-friendly chapstick targeted to outdoor enthusiasts that makes applying chapstick under extreme conditions easy and convenient.

The Team: Asher Dunn, Narasimha Naraharasetty, Ethan Ballweber, Travis Thompson, James Hawkins, Andy Chang.


The Product:  Pet Gate; an innovative pet gate that combines aesthetics and function.  It blends with your home decor allows ease of passage for people and permits visibility of your dogs on the opposite side, where you want them.  Project sponsored by Midnight Pass, Inc.

The Team:  Jim Barabe, Brian Bagdonovich, Vuthichai Jotisakulsatganana, Lizabeth Foxwell, Molly Rosenberg, Jo Ko.


The Product:  Baby temperature monitor; that creates peace of mind for parents with sick children.  It allows parents to wirelessly monitor their baby's temperature from a distance so that they may take immediate steps to reduce their baby's fever and discomfort. 

The Team:  Patricia Urias, Talia Cohen, Ching Jung Shih, Yena Lee, Anmed Siddqui.


The Product:  Tribility (TM); that is more durable, highly stable, and easily maneuvered. In a tripod design that outperforms the bulky, conspicuous, traditional walker.  Project sponsored by Essential Design.

The Team: Eason Huang, Loris Machielse, Danilo Sanchez, Lauren Turner, Meredith Otten, Danielle Doge, Kimberly Song.


The Product: Coupon Kiosk.  A shopping incentive system that is simple and adaptable to various store environments. Computer card scan delivers coupons to customers.  Project sponsored by Incentive Targeting, Inc.

The Team:  William Choi, Bhavin Shah, Myungjoon Kim, Josh Herzig, A. Firat Ozpinar, Adam Newhard, Fernando De La Torre. 


The Faculty (L to R):  Sebastian Fixson, Babson College; Matt Kressey, RISD.