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Babson Business–Surreal-Media

Name of Business:  Surreal-Media;    ENTER MINDS

Mission:  To provide–
-Web-based product development.
-Custom creative Web media solutions for small, medium, and enterprise level companies.
-Unique and expressive visual design and motion with high impact value.
-Web hosting and related Web services.

Year Began: 2003

Initial Investment: $0

Broke Even:  Day one.

Where:  Registered in Australia

Maxim Blagov;
Monte Punjabi;; Babson Ugrad student

Employees:  4 employees ( 1 Japan, 1 US, 1 UK, 1 Canadian)

Past Life/Business:  Monte Punjabi—”I had no formal business training/knowledge, or any work experience.  The selling skills were a direct influence from my father and observing him sell to his clients.”

How the Idea Began:  “Maxim and I met on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and joined together to form a business focused on marketing to the e-sports gaming market while still providing services to the corporate industry sector.  Maxim provided the design expertise while I was in charge of business development and marketing of our products.”

Initial Preparation to Germinate Idea:  Several gaming teams showed great interest in our custom solutions—thus we decided to lower the cost from a custom site (several thousands) to as low as $9.95 for a template product we resold.  A perfect custom alternative.

Favorite Thing about the Business:  Ability to ever-expand

Worst Thing about the Business:   Keeping track of ever-expansion

Biggest Challenge:  “Fanatical organization and communications.  As this company is completely online based in multiple time zones with employees scattered around the world, my partner and I need to be in constant communication and utilize the right online tools to manage the “virtual office”.”

Lesson Learned:  “Every small mistake was a hard lesson learned…I've learned a lot!”