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CWL Author Series: Judith Bowman, "Don't Take The Last Donut"


The Center for Women's Leadership kicked off its author series with a presentation by Judith Bowman, author of Don't Take the Last Donut, in which she unlocks the mysteries and benefits of business etiquette. Babson students asked great questions and were hungry for more!
Bowman advocates the 4Cs every business person must heed:

Confidence, Control, Contribute, Connect 

“Remember networking is your lifeline,” said Bowman, “and preparation is key to successful networking.  If you are prepared, that knowledge will help with small talk.  Small talk can become the gateway to making connections and paving the way to longer term business relationships.”  

“Work the room like it is your event.  Approach people who are talking in three's.”  Why?  Two will most likely be talking and the third is secretly screaming inside 'No one is talking to me, how do I exit this tactfully?'  If you approach this group of three you can automatically engage this third person.”

More do's and don'ts from Don't Take the Last Donut:

  • Don't hand out shoddy looking business cards….toss them out!
  • Don't have a glass in one hand and a plate in the other; you don't have a hand to shake with. 
  • Do take a napkin with your beverage; you don't want to shake with a cold clammy hand.
  • Do make sure you are clean and neat, including your outerwear.  Present your best neat self.