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Babson Business: Sail(Proud)

Name of business:Sail(Proud) Apparel, LLC;   

Mission:To create a lifestyle apparel brand for passionate sailors while helping to grow and strengthen the sailing community.

Began in:2007

Revenues:$40.00 -We just opened our doors a few days ago!

Initial Investment:Looking to raise $30,000—we're about 50% there.

Broke Even:Projected September '07

Where:Boston MA, Newport RI, West Haven CT

Founder:Philip Tepfer; Ugrad;; 203-508-0118

Employees:A very bright and talented 4.

Founder's Past Life/Business:Personal Chef, Website Designer, Corporate Promotions Dealer, Sanitation Expert -just kidding on the last one.

How The Idea Began: When I realized that the current offering for passionate sailors made me look like “Gordon's Fisherman” and feel like I was wearing a plastic trash bag, I figured it was time to start some change. When it comes down to it, sailors need something that expresses who they are and what they love; that something shouldn't feel like wax paper, look like something highway workers wear, or only be used socially-safe miles away from the general public.

Initial Preparation to Germinate Idea: Hours talking to sailors down by the docks, hours finding manufacturers on the web, hours losing sleep making up for time not spent doing homework.

Favorite Thing about the Business: Wearing a shirt around Boston and counting how many people come up to me and say “Hey I like your shirt.” It reminds me that there just might be an opportunity after all.

Worst Thing About the Business: Meeting my COO half-way for business meetings (we live an hour away) at the world's most disgusting IHOP. You can literally smell griddle cakes and urinal cakes mixing together in some kind of nauseating perfect storm.

Biggest Challenge: Starting an apparel brand. Apparently, it's an arduous process.

Lesson Learned: We'll let you know in about 6 months.