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Fashion Entrepreneurial Initiative Hosts Imagine-A-Thon ™

The Babson Fashion Entrepreneurial Initiative, in partnership with the Digital Experience Initiative, the IoT and Babson Marketing Clubs, will be hosting Imagine-A-Thon ™ on February 8-9, 2018 in the Blank Center. This creative hack-a-thon challenges you to think and act entrepreneurially combining art and science, vision and technology, to design a park experience for the…

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Social Impact: Market Imperative, Market Opportunity

At the 2017 Babson Entrepreneurship Forum, the closing event was a panel titled “Social Impact: Market Imperative, Market Opportunity.” Cheryl Kiser, Executive Director of the Lewis Institute, introduced the session. “The theme of the Babson Entrepreneurship Forum is to make an impact. This panel will explore ecosystems that support socially-focused ventures. A startup’s connection to…

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3 Important Things I Learned from Early Stage VCs Today

The following post is from Debi Kleiman, Executive Director of The Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship. Talk about learning from the best! Today in Babson’s MIS3615 Tech Entrepreneurship Bootcamp we were fortunate to have three top Boston-based venture capitalists come to class and share their insights on tech entrepreneurship. I honestly wish we had…