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Fashion Entrepreneurial Initiative Hosts Imagine-A-Thon ™

The Babson Fashion Entrepreneurial Initiative, in partnership with the Digital Experience Initiative, the IoT and Babson Marketing Clubs, will be hosting Imagine-A-Thon ™ on February 8-9, 2018 in the Blank Center.

This creative hack-a-thon challenges you to think and act entrepreneurially combining art and science, vision and technology, to design a park experience for the home! Integrating Design Thinking, Art & Fashion, Technology and IoT, come work, imagine, and play to create an exciting user experience! We will form teams to combine talents (no particular experience required). Register now >>


About the Fashion Entrepreneurial Initiative (FEI):
The Fashion Entrepreneurial Initiative is a Babson community/incubator that supports entrepreneurs interested in creating a positive social, environmental, and economic impact in the fashion industry.

See you February 8-9 in the Blank Center!