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Why You should Tell Everyone Your Ideas

If you are an entrepreneur, you understand the pressure to succeed, the trials of being autonomous, and the triumphs that come with taking risks others will not take. With this accumulated pressure, autonomy, and risk come a natural desire to do everything right and to do it all by yourself. Here is the catch —…

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The Future of College Admissions & Student Portfolios

Everyday of school may seem repetitive, but each day is only a step in a student’s educational journey. The story behind every student is not always told, or even shared. Every essay, athletic game, music performance, art show, and accomplishment makes up the core of every student’s educational career. When a student applies to college,…

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Programming & Tech – What You Really Need to Know

“I want to learn programming.” “I want to learn how to build an app.” “I want to learn how to build a website, software, or a tool for my business.” If you are not in high school or do not have enough time in your life right now, it is almost impossible to do any…