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Three Tools I Can’t Live Without

The following post is from Matthew Vega-Sanz ’19, co-founder of Lula, a spring 2017 hatchery business.

Matthew Vega-Sanz ’19, Co-founder of Lula

With being a founder, comes countless responsibilities. Every entrepreneur has to wear various hats, which can be absolutely exhausting. We have to be the marketers, overlook day-to-day operations, lead a team, seek customers, design our websites or apps, and do so much more. At times, it can be incredibly overwhelming and leave you burnt out. Fortunately for us, there have been a bunch of tools developed in recent years to make life way easier for entrepreneurs throughout the world. Some were created by well-known unicorns, while others are yet to reach the masses. Below, are the three tools that I, as an entrepreneur, could not live without:

  • Marvel App
    Marvel is probably my favorite tool on the list. It’s an app that allows you to draw your website/app designs and bring them to life within seconds. You draw your designs on a piece of paper, upload the designs on to Marvel, and then you can add buttons that link your pages together, to create a really easy and quick mockup of what your website/app will look like. It makes design so much simpler and rather than explaining to your developers what you want, you can instantly show them through the use of Marvel.
  • Google Drive
    I think because of how integrated Google has become into our daily lives, we often take for granted how useful it is. A lot of people typically think of Google as just a search engine, or a place to store your emails, but it’s so much more. Because of Google, starting a company has never been easier. With Google Drive, you get to work on documents, spread sheets, and pitch decks with your team, regardless of your locations. You have the chance to video chat, or message each other through Google hangouts. If you’re an android user, you can scan receipts, letters or any other documents, and Drive will instantly store them as PDFs. You can use Google forms to survey customers, and you can layout drawings or diagrams to include in your documents through the use of Google drawings. The drive has more than 100 free apps to help make your life easier, and you’re crazy if you’re not utilizing the abundance of tools Google provides you with for free.
  • Twitter
    One of the most important things successful individuals never stop doing, is learning. Whether it’s by watching Ted talks, listing to the How I Built This podcast, studying the habits of moguls, such as Zuckerberg, or reading six hours a day like Buffet, you’re never going to learn too much, and that’s why I love Twitter. Twitter, by many, is just seen as another social media platform that leads you to wasting hours that can be used to do something productive. However, when utilized properly, Twitter can dramatically increase your productivity. Accounts, such as Forbes, Forbes Tech News, Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, BostInno, Forbes Entrepreneurs, Inc, and BI Tech are constantly uploading articles that provide an abundance of insight on starting your own company, overcoming obstacles, growing as an individual, recent trends in the market, marketing your product, dealing with stress, and so much more. When used in the correct manner, Twitter allows Entrepreneurs to educate themselves in ways they never thought imaginable. It connects podcasts, documentaries, articles, movies, and books all into one, easy to navigate platform, and that’s why every Entrepreneur should have a twitter in which they only follow accounts that offer educational insight on growing as a founder or as an overall individual.