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Moving Out of the Dorm Room and Into Co-Working Heaven

The following post is from Emily Levy ’16, founder of PICCPerfect, a fall 2015 hatchery business.

Emily Levy '16, Founder of PICCPerfect

Emily Levy ’16, Founder of PICCPerfect

My team and I were fortune enough to be given undergraduate hatchery co-working space in the basement of Coleman Hall for the Fall 2015 semester. My company, PICCPerfect, creates stylish and functional after market medical accessories, and our first product is the PICCPerfect PICC line cover.

This past summer, my team and I were a part of the Babson Summer Venture Program and we were very thankful to have an office space in the basement of the Blank Center. This was great for us because we had three fulltime teammates and frequent friends that would come in for a week or so to help us get our business of the ground.

When the summer was over, we had to move everything into my dorm room. Imagine keeping over 800 units of inventory, hundreds of poly bags and mailer bags, advertising materials, and office equipment in your tiny living space.

I was finding it hard to separate my work life from personal space when I had my entire inventory in my dorm room, and it made meetings difficult for our team.

My team and I were beyond thankful to be granted office space for the semester. We were able to move all of our PICCPerfect related materials out of my dorm room, and into a neat space that we could meet. On an organizational side, it became a lot easier for us to manage our inventory and to work around our own schedules.

We have also enjoyed meeting other students who are utilizing the hatchery this semester. We are learning, sharing, and growing from each other. The hatchery has also been a sanctuary for me. I had been feeling very overwhelmed being back in school full time, but with the hatchery, I can go to focus solely on my business at the hatchery and be surrounded by other students who get what I am experience as a startup. I am also proud to say that my team and I are the only women owned business in the hatchery! I look forward to spending more long nights and early morning hours at the hatchery so that I can continue to run my business even after I graduate.