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Be Effective in Getting Your Name Out

Many startups struggle to get their names out. Even if an entrepreneur has a great idea with an excellent business model, it is useless until customers acknowledge them and buy from them. Thus many entrepreneurs attempt to advertise themselves as much as possible. In order to deliver clear, memorable information that resonates, entrepreneurs need to understand the media and how the industry operates. Michael Chmura shared his insights on public relations for startups with the Summer Venture Program and had a few takeaways.


One common question entrepreneurs have is: how do I make my pitch more “catchy?” According to Chmura, there are few tips for succeeding in public relations.

  • One should turn an abstract message into something short, memorable, interesting and understandable.
  • It is critical to get into the story and keep the message intact.
  • One should help people what he or she is trying to deliver. Often one needs to direct audiences.

Media is a vehicle for all audiences. It reaches various types of audiences such as consumer, venture capitalists, and technicians. To effectively influence the target market, entrepreneurs must consider which channels to use and what messages should be delivered. Customers nowadays experience information flood via mass media and get bored if the message is not clear or interesting. When talking to a potential customer about your venture, ask them what they think about your message – they are your best critics!