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Media Relations 101

For our lunch and learn during Summer Venture Program week 9, Fleishman Hillard and Babson’s PR Department joined forces to teach our entrepreneurs all about navigating the press and media. Sarah Francomano from Fleishman Hillard, began the talk by explaining how you can tell when your company is ready for PR and describing what PR…

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Weeks 9: Summer Venture Program 2018

It is hard to believe that we just completed our last week of programming for this year’s Summer Venture Program (SVP). Our startups have grown so much since the beginning of SVP. To see what our entrepreneurs have been up to all summer, check out the previous weekly blogs (after reading this one of course).…

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Be Effective in Getting Your Name Out

Many startups struggle to get their names out. Even if an entrepreneur has a great idea with an excellent business model, it is useless until customers acknowledge them and buy from them. Thus many entrepreneurs attempt to advertise themselves as much as possible. In order to deliver clear, memorable information that resonates, entrepreneurs need to…