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The Babson Blues Project

Steve Marchand: For those that have been away over the summer, welcome back to Babson. We are now in the second full year of the Babson Blues Project and hoping to continue the momentum we had from last Spring. After a lot of rehearsals and hard work, our efforts culminated with two great 30 minute sets at a Thursday Late Night Series session in Reynolds in April. Mattias (guitar), Ben (bass), and Mike (drums) were the solid core that we built our blues music around and Xinghua provided us with outstanding vocals. Hopefully they will all be back this year to keep things going in the right direction. Along with some potential Babson gigs this year, we are at the point that we can also consider playing outside of Babson at clubs, festivals, etc.

As a “project” band we are always looking for more players to join us and contribute whatever they can, even if only for a few songs. Horn players, percussionists, keyboards, guitarists, vocalists, any musicians that enjoy playing in the blues/rock genre. Last semester we rehearsed on Wednesday nights from 6:00-7:00/30 but we could change this if necessary. I am shooting for the week of 9/10 (maybe wed. 9/12) for our first get together. I still have to check with Michele Oshima about band room availability.

Let me know what’s going on and please, please, please……if you know of anyone that might be even remotely interested in playing with our group have them shoot me an email. Thanks so much and look forward to hearing from everyone.


Steve Marchand