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A Vlog about the Babson-Olin Jazz

Andrew Krebs-Smith, a two-year MBA program student, tells his story as a drummer in the “fun” Babson-Olin Jazz band on Youtube. For access, click on the link below:

Music Passion at Babson

By Alexandra Kantor: Hello! My name is Lexi Kantor and I am a freshman at Babson College! Before I discuss my musical experience at Babson, let me start by saying that I have been playing the piano for thirteen years, and it is a huge part of my life. So naturally, as I was looking…

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The Babson Blues Project

Steve Marchand: For those that have been away over the summer, welcome back to Babson. We are now in the second full year of the Babson Blues Project and hoping to continue the momentum we had from last Spring. After a lot of rehearsals and hard work, our efforts culminated with two great 30 minute…