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Innovators, Disruptors, & Inventors . . . Oh My!

Interested in mingling with startups leading the way in Techology, Marketing & Advertising, Dining & Retail, Media, Sports & Fitness, Healthcare & Medicine, Education, Design, and Arts & Entertainment? ¬†Plan to be at BostInno’s 3rd Annual 50 on Fire event this Thursday evening, December 4th, recognizing Boston’s leading inventors, disruptors, luminaries and gamechangers. ¬†Sponsored in part by Babson, this year’s event is shaping up to be fiercely competitive with over 2,500 nominations received. ¬†This group was¬†narrowed down to 200 by BostInno staff. ¬†Industry experts make the awards based upon achievements, potential and those who can make a real difference for Boston, now and going forward. ¬†The awards will be presented live on the evening of the 4th. ¬†The event is a gathering of the city’s brightest individuals and companies who are setting the Boston scene on Fire. ¬†Come celebrate at the Moakley Courthouse — no matter who you turn to that evening, you’ll meet someone interesting and someone committed to Boston’s success. ¬†It’s a great opportunity for students to network with some of the best Boston startups!

50 on Fire