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The Babson Dance Ensemble Experience

As a prospective student, academics should be the top priority when selecting your institution of higher education; however, we understand that there are many other elements that go into consideration when choosing your home away from home for the next four years. For example, you just might be wondering about the following: When I’m not in the library studying for an exam, consulting with my FME Company on our next presentation or in class on a daily basis, what else can I get involved with at Babson?

The truth is Babson offers over 95+ Clubs and Organizations on campus, but for the sake of this post, I’d like to spotlight Babson’s largest student-run organization on campus…



The Babson Dance Ensemble is the largest student-run organization on campus, hosting over 60 members annually to perform in three show-stopping performances each semester. Dance styles range from hip hop to jazz to tap to contemporary to African…anything you can think of, they’ve covered it before.

This weekend is the BDE’s Fall Show entitled, The Apocalypse. I had the pleasure of attending the Thursday Night showing and was blown away by the incredible creativity and sensational talent of the students on stage. Equally incredible was the audience. It was a packed house as friends/supporters filled every seat and exploded with applause, cheers and excitement during every performance.


The atmosphere was absolutely electric!  The tight-knit community you find at Babson is not an environment necessarily found on every college campus – the close bonds of Babson students are truly something special and I was able to see that firsthand last night. Even members of the faculty got up on stage to support the students dancing to selections from Grease.

The camaraderie of the Babson Community will continue to shine bright for two more shows this weekend as the BDE performs this evening at 8:00 PM and again on Saturday, December 1st at 8:00 PM. Whether you’re a dancer or not, this is one of those Babson events you don’t want to miss out on!