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The Effects of Hurricane Sandy on Babson Students

At 5:41pm on October 28, 2012, Babson students rejoiced.  @dhanno tweeted:

"@dhanno tweet to inform students school was closed"


Babson closed down the school on Monday to keep faculty, staff, and students safe during Hurricane Sandy.  Thank you, Babson.  Thank you, Mother Nature.  I can continue to procrastinate writing the paper that was supposed to be due first thing Monday morning.  I can finally catch up on television, watch Sunday night football without worrying about homework, ya know, the really important stuff.  As Monday morning rolls around, the sky looked angry; it was raining men   cats and dogs steadily, but nothing we hadn’t survived before.  But as the day went on, the wind picked up, the rain came down in sheets, and I sat on my floor drank my peppermint tea and watched the massive tree out of my 5th floor picture window sway back and forth closer and closer to my window.  It moved as easily as a child waving a stick in the air, and it definitely freaked me out.  I realize now, that it probably wasn’t my smartest idea as if the tree actually fell it would be bad news bears for me, but it was too mesmerizing to walk away.  At this point, the only thing to do was live tweet my #Sandy experience.

Finally, I broke the staring contest between the tree and I, and transitioned into a 5 hour marathon of House Hunters on HGTV and stalking Twitter for images, articles, and updates on the impending doom.  Of course, the staring contest wore me out, so I promptly fell asleep.  After an hour, I awoke to loud banging; NEVER FEAR THE RAS WERE THERE!  Babson RAs are so awesome that they baked cookies for us!  It was excellent, they were delicious. J  More episodes of House Hunters passed, finally around 11:00pm I realized that I was most likely going to have class on Tuesday, and that brought my lovely lazy day to an abrupt halt.  I hesitantly sat up, took out a book, and cursed the procrastination gods.


Thankfully we stayed safe, dry, and well-lit.  My thoughts go out to the families farther south who lost power, their homes, or their lives in this hurricane.