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FIFA 13 Strategy Guide: A Babson Entrepreneur’s Success Story

Living in Babson’s competitive E-tower dorm, Joey Roth needed to start a business. The previous year, he had won Babson’s entrepreneur of the year for CabShare, a “cabpooling” application which grouped college students together to share cab rides to the airport. During 2011, hundreds of Babson students used his service, saving them thousands of dollars. Everything wasn’t perfect though. With traffic, shady drivers, and tardy students there were too many variables to account for and “it didn’t help that the busiest season for airport rides was finals week.” The long gruesome hours of working in the travel industry wasn’t what he was looking for and Joey decided shut down his award winning start-up.

Without a business, he was now at risk of being kicked out of the E-tower dorm. He needed a simpler business that could be started as soon as possible. He found the inspiration for his next business idea by reading a blog post entitled “How to Create a Million Dollar Business This Weekend” which essentially said to look at the top sellers on amazon and then make a supplementary product. It just so happened that the number one selling product on Amazon was the soccer video game, FIFA. The game had amazingly sold over 3 million copies in the first week. Joey saw an opportunity as he noticed that unlike other video games, FIFA did not have a strategy guide. Even though Joey himself was just an average player, he decided to take the chance to see what he could do about his business.

After a long time in thought, he decided to find the best FIFA players in the world and asked them to help out with the guide. He asked them what they do to beat nearly every single person they play and combined their answers into a 100 page strategy guide. The FIFA 12 guide was downloaded over 4,000 times last year, making it the number one selling guide for FIFA.

After validating his idea with the FIFA 12 strategy guide, Joey decided to ramp things up with the newly released FIFA 13. The Premier FIFA 13 Guide is already out performing the FIFA 12 Strategy Guide by 650%. The keys to success comes from Joey’s involvement in the underground community of FIFA. Many of the top blogs have reviewed his FIFA 13 Guide and everyday he receives dozens of emails from people who absolutely love the information he puts out there. He is happy to be helping people and giving them real value. He now sells copies of the FIFA 13 Strategy Guide while he sleeps and does not have to worry about traffic jams on the Mass Pike. He wishes CabShare was still around, so he could use the service to get to the airport for his weekend business trips to watch professional FIFA tournaments in Paris.

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