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What Actually Is There In Wellesley?

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I got the chance to spend a lot of my weekend off campus which was a nice change. People always ask what there actually is to do in the town of Wellesley, and although it may seem small at first there actually are a lot of restaurants and shops. Since I only live about an hour or so away, my parents were able to come down and have brunch with me yesterday at The Cottage, one of my favorite restaurants in Wellesley. It is a little more upscale as many restaurants are in Wellesley, but there are also other more casual restaurant options. Qdoba, Pinkberry, California Pizza Kitchen are all Babson student favorites located within just a few miles. If none of those appeal to you, there also are many local inexpensive restaurants featuring Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian food and more (and some will even deliver to campus!).


If you are more in the mood to shop, there are also a surprising amount of stores located within a few miles. You can find stores such as The Gap, 344, and Second Time Around all on Washington Street in addition to the many small local boutiques. There are also a few boutiques in the Linden Street Plaza amongst Roche Brothers Supermarket, CVS, and other chain stores. Now this is just Wellesley alone, the surrounding areas of Needham, Newton, and Framingham have even more options! If you ever need help finding restaurants or shopping, you can always go to the Reynolds Center Front Desk and they will help you find what you need 🙂