Undergraduate Blog / Defining Your Babson

This is MY Babson.

Hey Everyone!  This is my first blog post, so I just wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Caroline Malone, and I am one of the four admissions interns for this summer.  Each day I help counselors give information sessions to perspective students, and then I give 2-3 campus tours.  It’s been so much fun showing these students and their parents around Babson because I’m able to really focus in on the most unique parts of our campus!  On a more personal note, I am a rising sophomore here at Babson, and I absolutely loved my first year.  It went by incredibly fast, and I cannot wait to return in the fall and start back up again!  I play on the field hockey team, which is such a blast!  My team is awesome, as well as my coach.  The coaching stuff and athletic program as a whole at Babson is really great, so if you’re interested in playing a sport, whether it’s at the varsity level or at the club/intermural level, then I definitely recommend it.  Field hockey is a big part of MY Babson experience, but I’m curious to know, what will be the biggest part of yours?  Babson is a place that greatly encourages students to continue with or develop new passions.  Pursue your interests and pave a path of your own.  This is YOUR Babson, so take full advantage of it!

If you guys have any questions regarding athletics or anything in general, feel free to ask!  I’m very interested in what you all want to know about Babson and what you’re passionate about!