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Time Out Rooftop Series

This past week has been a very busy week for Time Out New York.  Along with my usual responsibilities at my internship, I also helped with a lot of event planning for last night’s On The Rooftop party.  The On The Rooftop parties is a series of parties that Time Out sponsors throughout the summer on the best rooftops of the city.  Last night’s party took place at The Delancey club in the lower east side.

After a full day of work, my manager, Diane, and my fellow interns grabbed a taxi from TONY headquarters down to the club.  To decorate, we spread copies of our latest Time Out magazine throughout the rooftop and put up our fellow sponsor, Stella Artois’, posters for all the guests to see.  When the bar was all set and everything was looking great we let our guests up to the party.  My friend/fellow intern, Jamie, and I were in charge of the door.  As the large amounts of guests strolled in we had to make sure their names were on the guest list and see that they paid for a ticket.

The event lasted from around 6pm until 9pm.  The turnout was great and it was definitely a success for Time Out.  Working this event allowed me to meet not only Time Out employees from different departments but also many important contributors to the magazine.

After helping plan this event and seeing all the steps it took to make it successful, my interest in the marketing and event planning world has only become stronger.  I love the feeling of success after the event has ended and dealing with the different steps it took to get there.  Although it was hard work, the outcome was worth it all and I even had fun doing it!