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Next stop…Novgorod!

This post was written by undergraduate student Derek Hansen ‘12.

Far removed from grand Moscow and splendid St. Petersburg, the BRIC team’s most recent weekend excursion destination was Novgorod, a sleepy little city south of Petersburg.  Situated just over a third of the way from St. Petersburg to Moscow, Novgorod was once a major center of trade and commerce in the former Russian Empire.  Time, however, has not been good to this historic city (in fact Novgorod is the birthplace of Russia!) and now all that’s left of the once expansive marketplace can be encompassed with a single sweep of the tour guides hand.  Today the attraction of Novgorod lies not in its grandeur, but in its normality, a stunningly representative example of city life in Russia outside of St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the overcrowded buses, or the babushkas on the street, or even the crumbling soviet-era apartment buildings.  So instead lets look at some photos of the BRIC team, buildings, and the BRIC with buildings in Novgorod!

Team BRIC by a fountain

Team BRIC touring Novgorod


dj C.I. Tz


Nina enjoying the beautiful Novgorod weather

Nina enjoys the ‘beautiful’ weather

Karl Lagerfeld aka Prof. Seitz

Celebrity sighting: Karl Lagerfeld’s in Novgorod!

A few BRIC'ers at the wooden structures museum

Some of the girls take a serious Russian photo

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