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Congratulations to the Class of 2014!

Congratulations to all those students admitted to the Class of 2014!

Unfortunately, our interns are on break this week, so they cannot congratulate you themselves.  However, they left me with some words about why they chose Babson.

First, here is Meredith’s perspective:

Why I Came to Babson
Looking back, my decision to attend Babson College came from the melding of a variety of factors that just seemed to fit together and lead me to this little campus in Eastern Massachusetts. Babson had the criteria I was looking for and that I knew were important to me, a small school, in a suburban setting, with a business focus. The facts and figures all matched up; Babson provided a quality education in the moment while simultaneously looking forward to what would be the best for the future – what skills students would need, what would get them where they wanted to go, what would make them successful.

What ultimately pushed me over the edge and made me commit to Babson were the people. I visited the campus a few times before and after applying. Everyone I met was so welcoming and students seemed so engaged that I just became more and more excited about the prospect of attending Babson. I knew that I needed a place where I would get to know many of the people and that truly felt like a community to me. I was drawn in and I found everything I was looking for at Babson.