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The Rhythm of the Babson Spring Semester

The Spring semester at Babson college has a remarkably different rhythm than the Fall semester. The fall semester begins with a burst of energy with all the excitement of kicking off a new academic year. In addition, the fall semester does not have break until deep into the semester at Thanksgiving. So there is a long, steady stream of activity before a break.

The spring semester begins far more sedately; the weather is much colder, the first year students are adjusted to the campus, so the start of this semester is calmer. The spring semester also provides a much anticipated break right in the middle of the semester (this is where we are this week). This break creates an interesting “before and after” phenomenon on campus.

Before Spring Break

For our first year students, the energy before Spring Break is centered the launching their FME business and working out all the kinks to get the business off and running. In addition, they are just beginning their work with the various community service agencies.

Numerous inspirational events take place in February, such as our MLK legacy day, an event that was so nicely highlighted in a blog by first year student Tyler Murphy. Also our fun FME business Fair as described by one of our FME mentors Julie Berenz, is a great February tradition.

On the athletic side, the winter sports come to their conclusion and the spring sports are largely in pre-season mode. Students are more focused on indoor activities (this year we had an indoor mini-golf course, the Babson Country Club) around campus. Finally there are many important mid-terms to be taken before the break.

After Spring Break

After Spring Break, the energy on campus is simply amazing. Students are revitalized and snap out of the winter doldrums (regardless of the temperature outside). The spring varsity athletic schedule is in full swing, Spring Weekend (follow @BabsonCAB) is on the horizon, and FME businesses are going strong. Student Leadership positions such as Resident Assistant, Peer Mentor, FME Mentor are finalized for the next academic year.

Students who have been accepted into next year’s class have been notified and this also creates its own energy on campus as events like Basically Babson take place to showcase all of the amazing things that currently happening.

The FME Reports to the Community are at the end of April (look for some tweeting from the reports this year) which is always a nice culmination to a productive academic year.

The Spring always seems to go by much faster than fall. I am looking forward to a fantastic “After Spring Break” at Babson.