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Change of Seasons

Hello from the admission office!  I am finally coming out of the haze that we refer to as reading season.  For the past three months, my colleagues and I have been reviewing applications as we shape the next first year class.  I love reading, and consider it a privilege.  Learning about students and their achievements never becomes old for me.  However, a certain little golden retriever must have been really overwhelmed by all the review of International Baccaleureate and French applications this year.

On Sunday, we will be releasing all decisions for our Regular Decision students.  Our work has wrapped up, and we start to welcome the class of 2014.

This Sunday, we will also celebrate one of our favorite holidays here in Boston, kicking it off with the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  I have been attending this parade since I was an infant, as my father grew up on the route.  My celebration will be cut short, as I will need to drive my sister to the airport to catch a flight to India.  And, for real St. Patrick’s Day, I will be flying to Mexico.  I think we may have mixed up where we are supposed to spend our cultural holidays this year!