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Back from Vacation

As much as I love working with my students and at Babson, I have to admit that vacation is awesome.  Last week, my husband and I went to Nantucket.  For those of you non-New Englanders, it is a small island off the coast of Massachusetts. It is our most favorite place to vacation; we even named our golden retriever Cisco after one of the beaches there.

On the way back, we stopped in Falmouth to run a little foot race, the Falmouth Road Race.  I have run this race five times, and I will keep going back. It is an amazing seven mile run along the shoreline, as well as incredible crowd support and a decent elite field.  Even better, Courtney Leahy, my colleague here at Babson, and Brian Rodkey, one of our interns from last year, also ran the race!  Go Team Babson!

Now, it is back to reality and I am catching up on life here.  This week, I will start to plan my visits to high schools in New Jersey and Europe; students in these areas, I will be offering interviews during my time there, so stay tuned!

One last thing- as you know from this blog, the Summer Ventures program created a huge buzz on campus these past few months.  Check out this article from the Boston Globe.