Undergraduate Blog / First Year at Babson

What is College all About?

This is a question that can certainly generate many different responses.  At Babson we challenge our new students to wrestle with this very question during the first few weeks of classes as part of our First Year Seminar.

One answer may be the following: “An immersion into an intellectual and social environment that raises your level of insights and appreciation, and awareness in a wide array of disciplines.”  Another answer maybe “College is about asking good questions, not just waiting for good answers.”

The answer can far more complex than the ones stated above, and it is important for students to recognize and reflect on what the college experience is all about.  If you have an answer to this question please post a reply to our Twitter site at http://twitter.com/DeanRMajor.

I look forward to engaging the class of 2013 in this question along with many others in the fall semester.