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The End of the Academic Year

As I gaze at my calendar for the next 3 weeks, it is filled with “end of the academic year” festivities.  Many of these events celebrate the significant academic accomplishments that students have experienced.  The FME Reports to the Community and the Honors Program presentations are just two examples of such events.  

We are privileged in Higher Education to experience these rituals every year. They remind us of the student talent that exists but is sometimes forgotten because we are busy dealing with the day to day student issues.   It is always impressive to see how all the hard work manifests itself in truly inspirational fashion. 

 Of course once all the receptions, dinners and ceremonies are complete, everything culminates with commencementon May 16th 2009.   Former Babson president, Brian Barefoot, and entrepreneur Ray Kurzweil will be the featured speakers at the undergraduate ceremony this year.

These weeks go by quickly, I will be sure to enjoy every moment.