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One Month To Go…

One Month to Go….

Hello readers! As many of you know, we released our decision letters for admission for Fall 2009. For many of you, the month of March signifies the end of the marathon-like college admission process that you have undertaken. There is the training period- your schoolwork, extracurriculars, testing, etc- followed by the selection of where to apply. Next comes what we marathoners like to call the taper- that period where we start to slow down our training, realizing that our good efforts earlier will get us to the finish line on race day. For high school seniors, this is comparable to that waiting period between when you submit your applications to when you actually receive your decisions. And finally, there is the finish line, where your efforts are realized.

Regular blog readers might recall that I have been preparing for my own marathon. I have been running hill repeats, long runs, recovery runs, track workouts and even heading out to the infamous Newton Hills to get some quality time there. About one month from now, my marathon training for Boston will be over. At this time next month, the race will be over. So sad, isn’t it? What if I do not have a good race (as I did last year- I ran my worst marathon EVER!). Will my efforts still be worth it?

As you can tell, I have been thinking just a tad too much about all of this…. So, yesterday, when I was out running, I had a HUGE wake up call. I fell on my knee in the middle of Chestnut Hill Ave in Brighton, MA. As my friend Leann scrambled to get me off the ground and out of traffic, it dawned on me. I liked the training, I liked the camaraderie of my friends in my running club, and I liked knowing that I had a choice right now of whether or not to keep going. In essence, it was not simply about the finish line, but about my journey to here.

So, remember that, my readers. Whether you are senior at the twighlight of high school or a ninth grader at the dawn, enjoy the experience. Make the most of every mile.