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Does Babson have any guidelines regarding recommendations? How many should I submit and what should be included? Tiana: Aspen, CO

Tiana, at a minimum, students should submit two recommendations: one from a guidance counselor and one from a teacher.  The teacher recommendation should be from someone in a major academic area: math, English, natural science, social science/history, and foreign language.  If you wish to submit a second teacher recommendation, it can be from any area, including elective courses.  If you wish to submit yet another recommendation, we suggest that it be from someone who knows you in a different capacity and who can speak to another aspect of who you are as in individual:  a coach, an employer, a religious leader in your community, a club advisor, etc.

In recommendations, we learn about your strengths as a student, class contributor, leader, citizen, friend, and more.  As you choose the people to write your recommendations, make sure that they know you well and can speak to a unique aspect of your personality and skill set.  Some students often ask – how many is too many?  The simple answer: once they stop adding value to the Admission Committee.  If you’ve chosen wisely, after the second teacher recommendation, for example, you shouldn’t need a third person to talk about your strengths in the classroom.

Finally, I advise you to ask your teachers as soon as possible.  Writing recommendations is typically done during their personal time and you want to respect their time. Plus, if you ask them last minute, they won’t have as much time to put into advocating for you as a candidate.  Don’t forget a thank you note, either!

To submit a question for Dean Gosselin, please send an e-mail entitled “ASK THE DEAN” to ugradadmission@babson.edu.