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Babson MBA–Application deadline extended

Good morning and Happy Friday.  I hope that those of you hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy are safe and supplied with some tangible comforts as well as with hope that your situation will improve shortly.

In support of the many of you who have experienced power outages, travel disruptions, and displacement, Babson Graduate Admisisons has extended its November 1 application deadline for the Full-time and Fast Track programs to November 5.  As always, please call the Admissions Office (800-488-4512 or 781-239-4317) if you have questions or concerns about meeting this deadline.

Just a reminder of the top five reasons you should consider applying to Babson for your MBA:

1.  Babson is a small school with big reach–we are a thought leader, convener, and catalyst nationally and internationally, through Babson Global.

2.  Babson offers one MBA, delivered four ways: two part-time programs, the Fast Track and Evening; two full-time programs, the Two-Year and the One-Year.

3.  Babson’s part-time programs are #16 in USNWR and the only school in the Northeast featured in that ranking.

4. Babson is the ONLY school that does what we do–we teach Entrepreneurial Thought and Action, the methodology for turning ideas into action.

5. Babson is the #1 school for entrepreneurship.

Good luck.  Think big.