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Babson Goes to San Francisco

Greetings from San Francisco, where my colleague Danielle and I have been attending a QS World MBA Tour event and meeting with candidates one-to-one.  My title more aptly should have been “Babson IS in San Francisco,” because although I am visiting this week, our presence is visible and active. Babson offers our Fast Track MBA program here as well as in Wellesley, MA. And speaking of Fast Track , we are poised to enroll our October cohorts, San Fran and Wellesley, with our kick-off at Wellesley starting October 1. (I’ll talk more about the impressive Fast Track cohort about to enter in another post.)

Like my recent visit to Toronto, I enjoy learning about a city through conversations with the professionals I meet at our events. Yesterday, I spoke with candidates working in energy, high tech, hospitality, consulting, and digital marketing, just to name a few.  What really struck me about these conversations was that no one asked me “Hey, can I start a business if I study at Babson?” Instead, candidates approached us and said “Babson is the #1 school for entrepreneurship–what I can learn there and how will that change me for my future?”  The difference between the two questions–ETA!  Entrepreneurial Thought and Action– learning how to navigate an unpredictable world, take action in the face of the unpredictability, and create economic and social value that reshapes the world.

So, Babson is part of San Francisco and as for me, I’ll be coming back soon!  I leave you with a few iPhone pics of San Fran.

Good luck.  Think big.



Blurry evening pic of the Bay Bridge.




Coit Tower.

The Bay from Ghirardelli Square.





And of course, Babson in San Francisco!