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Hailey Serna

2018 SVP Startup Profile: Gentle

Entrepreneur April Chen ‘19 Tell me a little bit about your company Gentle? Gentle bridges the gap between empathy and action. We provide a meaningful way for people to connect with each other, and we do this through cards. What is the story behind Gentle? During my sophomore year of college, Babson’s campus was going…

Emily Denoble

Social Impact: Market Imperative, Market Opportunity

At the 2017 Babson Entrepreneurship Forum, the closing event was a panel titled “Social Impact: Market Imperative, Market Opportunity.” Cheryl Kiser, Executive Director of the Lewis Institute, introduced the session. “The theme of the Babson Entrepreneurship Forum is to make an impact. This panel will explore ecosystems that support socially-focused ventures. A startup’s connection to…