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Until the Violence STOPS

Stephanie Millner: “The Vagina Monologues,” by Eve Ensler, is a compilation of monologues taken from the life stories of real women. The play is part of the international V-Day campaign, which Eve Ensler launched to spread the word about violence against women and girls — and to STOP it ( Each year V-Day adds a…


The Art of Korean Drama

Abby Vargas: When people hear “Korean Drama” the last thing they probably think of is art; actually, most people just roll their eyes at me and tell me i’m a hopeless romantic. BUT there is so much art involved in the creation of Korean dramas and embedded into the plots themselves. First, writing and directing a…


Drag, Death, and AIDS: RENT in Review

David Hines: A rough scaffolding monolith loomed in front of the audience. Tom Pandolfo as Roger strutted to center stage where he strummed the first cords. On Thursday, April 12th, twenty-two cast members breathed life into John Larsen’s tragic rock opera RENT. As the most ambitious main stage musical yet, the Babson Players sang and…