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Babson + the MassChallenge

Gunner, the PawUp mascot and Cait, CEO and founder

Gunner, the PawUp mascot and Cait, CEO and founder

In January I applied to be a part of the accelerator program at Babson, and was accepted!  Since I live in Boston, the easiest location for me was the space that Babson has at the MassChallenge, in the innovation district in Boston.  I have been spending a ton of time in the office and wanted to share a little bit about my experience there.

First, a bit about me.¬† My name is Cait and I’m an evening student at Babson, a little more than half way through my MBA.¬† I work full time as a senior product manager at NameMedia, and have a blog about my life as a female product manager (The PM in Heels).¬† I am also starting a business called PawUp, which is a social network for pets and their owners.¬† I’ve included a few photos here so you can see the PawUp mascot Gunner (he’d love you to follow him on Twitter @GunnerSully), and me hanging out!

I use the space at the MassChallenge as a home base to get work done and meet with the various people I have working on the site.¬† It has been an absolutely amazing and overwhelming few months for PawUp!¬† In less than 2 months, we have more than 1100 followers on Twitter, and over 10 thousand likes on Facebook (we could always use a few more, so please visit us)!¬† I’ve also just submitted my application to participate in the 2013 MassChallenge!

PawUp's sign at the MassChallenge in the innovation district

PawUp’s sign at the MassChallenge in the innovation district

Since I can only go to the space on nights and weekends when I don’t have class or work, my time at the MassChallenge has been limited.¬† I use the space to meet with my designer and developer, and have been recently using it while I’ve gotten my applications together for the BETA Challenge and the MassChallenge.¬† I’ve met some really great people, including one of the teams that won last year (ZoomTilt).¬† It has been so inspiring to see and hear from other companies starting out and working toward being successful.¬† As a female entrepreneur, it has been encouraging to see some of the successful females that have made it through the MassChallenge (for example,¬† The network of companies, entrepreneurs at the MassChallenge is astonishing, and I’m so lucky to be a part of it.

PawUp is planning for the first release on April 1st, so the spring is going to be quite busy!¬† Please visit us and sign up for email updates at, or email me at¬† I’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you have about the space.¬† Stay tuned for more from PawUp!