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Summer in London – Part I

Yizhen Hu: My favorite British cultural event so far is a British ballgown exhibition in V&A Museum—British Glamour Since 1950. The exhibition highlights the style, textures and colors of ballgowns from mid-20th century to 2012. Some of the vintage ballgowns are made with luxurious fabrics and very fine jewelry as decoration, which tell the prosperity of the society. Most ballgowns have been worn before to special occasions, such as debutante balls, wedding engagements, celebrity events and private parties. I cannot imagine how much emotions have been attached to these dresses and how much thoughts have been put into designing, as they record the most glamorous moments of the wearers, and also the warm camaraderie between the designer and the client from decades-long collaborations. There is also a famous white dress with thousands of pearls on it, worn by Prince Diana on a state visit to HongKong in 1989. Just as critics’ comment “she shone in that dress”, through that dress, Princess Diana impressed the world with the elegance and etiquette of British royalty. In the modern section, we have seen some designers’ ballgown worn by contemporary celebrities, such as the dress Beyonce has worn at a White House dinner and another dress in Gossip Girl. (It is a pity that the ballgown exhibition prohibits cameras…but I did take photos of V&A Museum and other dress exhibitions.)

Besides the V&A museum, a tour to Harry Potter Studio is also my favorite. You can see the costumes, wigs and Hogwarts model used in the movie, learn about how the movies are made, and get yourself a magic wand. It is a must-go place for every Harry Potter fans!

Yizhen Hu, Class of 2014