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Permanent Art Collection at Babson – Part I

Mahdi Majbouri: I did not know how lucky I was when I went to Michele Oshima’s office almost by accident on that Wednesday afternoon. I was heading back to my office with a couple of colleagues, when one of them said that he wanted to go to Michele’s office. In the art center, there were quite a few pieces of art around which belong to Babson and were protected with covers. While showing them, Michele pointed to one and said that it is by Leon Golub and asked whether anyone wanted to have it hanged in his/her office. In shock and awe, I asked if I could have it and, to my delight, she replied affirmatively.

Leon Golub is well-known for his powerful pieces depicting power and its relations. His sharp and critical view of power and its overreach is deep and still relevant. My wife, Azadeh, is also an artist who works on the same subject and that is how I know him. But initially, I could not tell that this piece belonged to Leon as it was quite different from my impression of his work.

Next time, I will tell you more about this masterpiece. Until then, have fun reading about Leon and his excellent work.

Sneak Preview of the Leon Golub:

Keep reading the Arts Blog to find out more about Leon Golub and to see the full piece!

Mahdi Majbouri