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Babson College Radio

Eduardo Padial:

Although a Student Organization, Babson College Radio is turning itself into a Startup company. Students don’t have to be a DJ or talk-show host in order to join Babson College Radio. We are opening opportunities for Babson talent to come join us. Forming teams that work in the interests of Operations, Finance, Sales, Marketing, IT, Communications and many more. Babson College Radio has a lot of room to grow and expand in its engagement on campus and worldwide. The radio is located at Park Manor Central, next to Pub. Our radio station has office space, the station and storage room. This gives BCR capabilities to operate as a true media outlet for the campus.  . By incorporating Babson talent  in all aspects, business operations and a media outlet, we  create a community startup. Flexible job descriptions which helps members of the Babson community create projects the most interest for them. At the same time these members give giving back to Babson by creating a stronger media and discussion outlet for Babson College. If you want to join a startup, this is the opportunity! No financial risk, gain startup experience in the area that you like. Engage with Babson and its resources. Contact us by emailing to

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Eduardo Padial, Class of 2014