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Art Around Babson

Maria Jose Paiz: Have you noticed the different pieces of art that are in your building?

In Sorenson Center for the Arts we have a collection of different pieces of art by some recognized famous artists.  In the halls of each of the buildings at Babson College you can admire some of them.  We are labeling all the permanent art so that people can notice the artist names and the titles of the pieces. Also, if you work at Babson, you can come to our office or send an e-mail requesting for some art for your office (

We have also received donations and we have some art that will be in an auction this month in the Asian Works of Art. It will be held for two days in Boston. We are participating with several pieces of old Chinese art such as, Jade lamp, Bronze vases, ceramics from 18th century, etc.. (

We have new arts in Babson too; Qin Feng, for example, is a famous Chinese artist that has a close relationship with Babson and the art there (


Other works of art which the center has are from famous artist like Esme Thompson,, and Catherine Opie,

If you are interested in knowing more about what we are doing, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Maria Jose Paiz