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From a Creative Thinking Prize Winner

Bob Son: My creative process is improvisation and spontaneity. I believe an art work should come from within the person rather than what society redeems aesthetic or beautiful. By improvising your artworks, such as the sculpture I have created for my Creative Thinking Prize competition, people gain the ability to be able to freely express their personality and inner emotions by developing the medium in hand to construct a physical representation of the expression of a person’s personality, emotions, or belief of beauty. Everybody in the world has different tastes in arts. Theories and principles of art that are taught to the public are derived from the values and beliefs of the general population. As an entrepreneur, I believe focusing on the individuality of people will lead to an artistic revolution in which new ideas and views on art will be spawned. I love art because it takes my mind off things. By enjoying the simple beauty of producing and viewing art brings peace to my mind. By fully devoting my attention to the artwork, I am able to escape the reality and hardships of life and simply enjoy the presence of beauty in front of me.

Nathalie Meibach’s Barometric Pressure: Herring Cove, Cape Cod

Bob Son’s Sculpture

Bob Son, Class of 2012