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Step Up To The Microphone

Bridget Thrash:

Occasionally Babson’s Poetry Slam Team holds Open Mics on Thursdays during Reynolds. Open Mic just means that the stage is open to anyone for a performance. You normally sign up for a time slot right when you arrive and then just step up to the microphone when your name is called. They can be held everywhere from a library to a café to a bar to a bookstore.

There are many great reasons to participate in an open mic night. There’s nothing like the thrill of performing in-front of a ‘live’ audience.  You’re surrounded by ‘like-minded’ people that share your passion for your art.

That art can be performing poetry, singing or playing an instrument. We have welcomed them all here for our Open Mic Nights at Babson. Open Mics provide a relaxing atmosphere where you can socialize, go on a date, experiment your talent, and most of all share thoughts that have been weighing on your mind.

On February 3rd we brought the poetry collective The Strivers Row and Soul4YoSystem to Babson for a Neo-Soul Night show. This is a link to check out Strivers Row performing in different locations in the Boston area:

If you want to explore Boston’s poetry/spoken word scene I suggest visiting Cantab Lounge on Wednesdays at 8 PM or Lizard Lounge on Sundays at 7:30 PM.


Bridget Thrash, Class of 2012

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