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Open Gate Inititive

On Wed Oct 7th, you will have the opportunity to brainstorm innovative ideas in a small multi-school team and pitch those against each other with a substantive cash prize for the best one. However, there are several features about this opportunity that will make it both challenging and awesome!

  1. Winning ideas must be business viable, solve sociological user needs, and be technically feasible
  2. All ideas will share a common theme: “Creating solutions for the future of news over the next 4 years”
  3. There will be Babson, Olin, & Wellesley students there working together for the first time since our tri-college initiative was launched
  4. You must come up with an idea in a random team of 2-4
  5. We are bringing in multiple experts to help moderate & inspire your ideation process
  6. Ideas will be judged by our experts & your peers on their fulfillment of item #1.
  7. The single winner will walk away with a substantive cash prize

The event will take place Wednesday evening, October 7th from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM in the Foundry’s Edison house on the outskirts of Olin’s campus at 1795 Great Plains Ave, Needham.

Please RSVP Here if you would like to attend.

The purpose of this event, and why you should definitely come, is fundamentally to:

·Meet new people from Olin, Babson, & Wellesley

·Enlighten yourself with words of wisdom from our industry expert

·Have fun coming up with awesome ideas

·Have fun pitching them to other people

·Potentially walk away from the evening with a substantive amount of money

“Open Gate Initiative”

A huge goal for the Foundry this year is to bring you more connected to the best sides of the Babson and Wellesley communities. The “Open Gate Initiative” is a term we’ve been using to describe a series of large events we plan to hold specifically designed to bring people together in a fun, entrepreneurial setting. With the tri-college initiative just moved through by all three schools, we think this is an incredible and very tangible opportunity to make this relationship work!