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BongoBing – Do long hours translate into higher productivity?

Myself and all of the BongoBing team now feel as if we live at the Blank Center. Work starts at 8am everyday with a company-wide (there are three of us) meeting on what our goals for the day are. We discuss our tasks each morning, while on our way to starbucks for that life giving substance that we call coffee. The day ends usually around 11 or 12 at night (sometimes much later). We usually stop working once we begin to get delusional and inefficient. But because we do a lot of work does that actually translate into increased productivity? From what we’ve learned thus far, it is wise to work long days when building a company, but it is not wise to stay up until 3am and get up at 6 am every night because it actually does hurt the company more than it helps it.Because lately we’ve been managing our time more wisely we have been able to develop a new sub business idea:, that is based around helping affiliates online increase their sales.Managing the level of productivity that we have on any given day, as we’ve discovered, is more of an art than a science because it’s not just about whether you are tired or energized, but also about how the folks around you are doing, something that is very difficult to detect. Are you pushing them too hard? Are they just not telling you because they don’t want to disappoint you? From our experience, productivity is a direct result of how well you can manage people and how aware you are of their limits. A giant category list that we made around 2am is a result of our late night working: Semi-well productivity management has helped us make our website what it is today, but we still have a long way to go.

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